The Lufthansa Group airlines pioneers the future of airline retailing by placing a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and delivering personalized experiences through innovative retail offers and effortless interactions. Expanding and enhancing its NDC program, the group makes it more flexible and accessible by offering a wider range of rich content through various aggregator and certified technology providers. 

Preferential access to particularly favourable offers from  Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and  Brussels Airlines, is now provided to sales partners. 

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Updated on January 4, 2024

Anything not mentioned is generally available across all channels. This overview focusses solely on the differences.

1. SPRK is a web-based booking interface provided by Lufthansa Group airlines (powered by Accelya/Farelogix).

2. Subject to market specific rollout.

3. Please consult the respective aggregator and certified technology providers for availability in your market(s).

4. NDC Public DCC amounts are valid during our initial, gradual, roll-out and will be differentiated at a later stage.

5. Subject to implementation on API provider side. If not embedded, available via SPRK.

The benefit is in the detail
The benefit is in the detail
The benefit is in the detail

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