New subject – new questions. Here you can read answers to the questions that are most often asked about New Distribution Capability and the extensive opportunities it presents.


NDC – technical questions


New Distribution Capability – NDC for short – is a programme launched by IATA and supported by the travel industry to develop an XML-based data transmission standard. The NDC standard can be implemented and used by all market participants. NDC facilitates product differentiation, market launch and access to comprehensive travel content and ensures a transparent buying experience. On 3 September 2019, the Lufthansa Group airlines were one of the first airline groups to be awarded NDC@Scale certification by IATA – its highest level of certification. This means that the Lufthansa Group airlines’ Direct NDC API is fully operational and that the complete booking process, including support management and shop functions, can be displayed in a live environment in a scalable way.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It consists of a set of routines, protocols and tools that can be used to create software applications through which two software programmes can communicate with each other.

NDC API is the general term for a connection to an airline’s offer and order management system using the IATA NDC standard.

The Lufthansa Group airlines’ Direct NDC API is used by technology providers and distribution partners to establish a connection to an airline’s offer and order management system and to provide solutions for making NDC content available.

With an NDC API, a distribution partner or technology provider is connected to an airline’s offer and order management system individually and with no intermediary or aggregator.

This varies from case to case and depends on the technical solution that is chosen and the cooperation with our business partners.

SPRK is a free, web-based user interface powered by Farelogix. It is a user-friendly portal that enables simple registration, set-up, booking and management. SPRK is the perfect tool for small and medium-sized travel agencies to gain access to NDC Smart Offer.

Only travel agencies with a valid IATA number can register for SPRK.

Without an IATA licence, a travel agency cannot issue airline tickets. A connection to a ticket wholesaler (consolidator) who is connected through an NDC API would therefore be necessary.

SPRK is characterised by an intuitive user interface and is easy to use. There are also user manuals and video tutorials available as well as online training services on this homepage.

SPRK is a free, web-based user interface. Distribution partners do not pay any charges and benefit from content that is available through the Lufthansa Group airlines’ NDC channels.

There is no restriction on the number of SPRK logins.


Aggregators and distribution systems

Every technology provider that aggregates content from airlines, car rental companies, hotels, etc.

Every technology provider that gathers content via NDC and uses the airlines’ NDC APIs as a source.

Technology providers make a series of functions available to distribution partners. These include profile management, reservation systems, systems to create and manage complex travel content, company rules, pricing and distribution, as well as payment services, front-, mid- and back-office solutions, due diligence and other aggregator functions, where applicable. Technology providers must be certified by the Lufthansa Group airlines in order to grant distribution partners access to, for example, the NDC Smart Offer.

You will find contact details for all the technology providers certified by the Lufthansa Group airlines on this website under Technology providers.


Lufthansa Group airlines’ NDC Partner Program

With the NDC Partner Program, the Lufthansa Group airlines are offering their distribution partners a commitment to cooperation that covers four components: ‘NDC Smart Offer’, ‘NDC Bonus’, ‘Support’ and ‘Technology’.

NDC Smart Offer ​​​​​​​comprises the most competitive offers from the Lufthansa Group airlines (e.g. NDC ancillary services, NDC products or NDC prices). These benefits can vary from market to market (dependent in each case on the country of journey origin).

The NDC Bonus is partner-specific and is individually adjusted when the contract is agreed.


Support includes all the service offers for NDC distribution partners, such as a dedicated help desk and online training, for example.

Continuous technological improvement is key to our shared success. This component encapsulates all the efforts that underpin the pioneering technical role of the Lufthansa Group airlines and their distribution partners.