Technical terms and abbreviations can’t always be avoided. That’s why you’ll find definitions and explanations of many of the important terms relating to the IATA data standard, NDC, in our Glossary.


An aggregator is a technology provider that aggregates and supplies content from airlines, car rental companies, hotels, etc.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It describes a set of routines, protocols and tools that can be used to create software applications through which two software programmes can communicate with each other.

With the Lufthansa Group airlines’ Direct NDC API, a distribution partner is connected individually and without intermediary or aggregator to the Lufthansa Group airlines’ offer and order management system.

The Lufthansa Group airlines’ NDC Partner Program consists of four components: ‘NDC Smart Offer’, ‘NDC Bonus’, ‘Support’ and ‘Technology’. The programme is a commitment of cooperation from the Lufthansa Group airlines to their distribution partners.

New Distribution Capability, abbreviated to NDC, is a programme launched by IATA and supported by the travel industry to develop an XML-based data transmission standard.

An NDC aggregator is a technology provider that gathers NDC content and uses the airlines’ NDC API as a source.

The NDC API is the general term for a direct connection to an airline’s offer and order management system using the IATA NDC standard.

The NDC Bilateral model is accessible via the following channels: the Direct NDC API, the free web-based user interface SPRK and the NDC aggregators certified by the Lufthansa Group airlines.​

It provides access to the NDC Smart Offer of Lufthansa Group airlines (exclusively for the Group’s distribution partners).

The NDC Public model is accessible only through NDC aggregators (Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre). ​

It provides access to the Lufthansa Group airlines NDC Base Offer.

The NDC Smart Offer is exclusively for Lufthansa Group airlines distribution partners.​

NDC Smart Offer comprises market-specific offers that are dependent on the journey’s point of origin. These offers are available exclusively through NDC, clearly underlining the benefits that a direct connection to the Lufthansa Group airlines’ order and offer management system provides.

The NDC Base Offer is available solely to NDC aggregator users (Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre), through their NDC solutions, and within the scope of the NDC Public model. ​

The NDC Base Offer includes a reduced Distribution Cost Charge (DCC).

Web-based booking interface provided by Lufthansa Group airlines (powered by Accelya/Farelogix)